Some 90% of all Gram products sold on markets worldwide are produced and developed at our factory in Vojens in Southern Jutland. It's there that the company was founded back in 1901 when industrialist Hans Gram built a 100m2 machine shop from where he offered complete dairy plants.

The factory employs about 135 hourly-paid workers as well as the production and process managers responsible for producing the 30,000 or so Gram products built annually at the factory. As total sales amount to about 33,000 units, nine out of ten of the products sold are manufactured by the company itself.

As one of the few remaining manufacturers of commercial refrigerators and freezers in Denmark, Gram Commercial has gone against the tide. The decision has, however, given us valuable opportunities and advantages, such as market closeness, high delivery performance and the ability to monitor quality all the way to completion. And it allows us to transform refrigeration know-how and engineering skills into new products "directly".

Gram Commercial will ensure that we through systems and continuous improvements, develop, manufacture and deliver the most reliable products on the market.

Among other things, we make sure that:

1. We will have constant focus throughout the entire value stream, and a thorough final inspection of all our products
2. We will deliver on the agreed date, in the agreed quantity at the agreed price
3. We will continuously develop and manufacture even more environmentally friendly products
4. We will, through our quality management system, continuously improve our products and services and ensure their continued compliance with current legislation
5. We will continuously draw up, develop and evaluate efficient measurement systems in order to ensure that we live up to our quality policy

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