As one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality knives and accessories for professional use, GIESSER produces more than 8,000 knives daily at its plant in Winnenden, Germany. The broad product range includes 2,500 different forged and stamped knives, as well as accessories for the food service and food processing industries.

GIESSER products feature outstanding materials and first-class workmanship. You'll find just the right tool for your demands.

Three factors play a key role in producing a top-quality chef, kitchen or butcher knife: the basic materials, the hardening and the processing. By way of tradition, the family-run company GIESSER employs only those basic materials and processes which guarantee to create, at the end of the production chain, a product which is valued by its users and which makes their work easier.

Our highly-trained team of employees, which makes up to 7,500 professional knives and as many as 5,000 multi-purpose and pairing knives every day, is especially important to production.

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