Springboard company of the ALI Group, Comenda has been synonymous with the best in professional dishwashing equipment since 1963.

Comenda manufactures and markets more than 200 dishwashing solutions, from the smallest glasswashers for bars through to large automated continuous flow systems for restaurants, hospitals, canteens and inflight catering.

Comenda also designs and installs customized solutions for individual space and workload specifications.
Machines designed and made in Italy in our factories in Milan.
Comenda boasts the ISO9001:2008 certification and ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification

A perfect blend of advanced research, design expertise and technical knowhow, the Comenda product range combines superior performance with eye-pleasing form, to deliver quality down to the smallest construction details. Maximum reliability goes hand in hand with minimum maintenance.
Components are located for easy access and replacement; at Comenda, each efficient after-sales service begins with product design.

At Comenda we listen to your needs and we work closely with you in designing bespoke “turn key” solutions for the warewashing area, including automatic and manual sorting solutions, conveyors for all sort of racks and trays, waste management to fit with every meal distribution system and storage requirement.
Every Comenda unit must satisfy stringent requirements for productivity, ease of use, cost-effective operation and safety.
Absolute reliability in washing glasses, plates, trays, pots and pans of every shape and size. Frontloading, hood-type machines, rack conveyors and flight-machines equipped with a complete set of accessories make Comenda the ideal partner for you.

At Comenda, ergonomics means ease of use.
The simplicity of the new operator panel allows users to keep track of each phase in the wash cycle, while the newly designed handle makes it easy to open the machine.
Improving ergonomics also means optimizing work procedures and guaranteeing personnel safety.

Comenda has made significant progress in limiting consumption, with a focus on sustainability that translates into respect for the environment and respect for people. The products keep running costs down by using less water and detergent during the wash cycle and cutting energy consumption, without sacrificing hygiene efficiency.
Silent machine operation and lower heat dispersion ensure pleasant conditions in the workplace. COMENDA is the environmentally friendly brand.

An extensive network of highly skilled service engineers provides full coverage, no matter where you are.
Rapid turnaround on service calls and immediate availability of spare parts complete the Comenda offer and ensure excellent service quality.

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